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Krisanthi sings Carole, Carly and Karen (Code: KCCK)

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Krisanthi sings the soft rock hits of Carole King, Carly Simon and Karen Carpenter! 

1. We've Only Just Begun
2. Anticipation
3. So Far Away
4. Jazzman
5. Superstar
6. Close To You
7. Nobody Does It Better
8. Top of the World
9. It's Too Late
10. You’re So Vain

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Music Box Records
Produced by Krisanthi Pappas
Recorded, engineered and mixed with John DiSanto
Sound Mind Studio, Easton, MA
Krisanthi Pappas - vocals and piano 
Steve Forrest - guitar and background vocals
Steve Skop - bass and background vocals
John DiSanto - drums and background vocals